Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward chooses Barcelona as hub for European expansion

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29 Jun 2023

American video game developer Infinity Ward will be based at the headquarters of Digital Legends in Barcelona, and the two companies will work together to develop Call of Duty projects.

Infinity Ward, the American video game developer and creator of the famous video game "Call of Duty" has announced its establishment in Barcelona as part of its European expansion. Infinity Ward will be based at Digital Legends' headquarters in Catalonia's capital and will collaborate on Call of Duty projects, focusing on supporting Modern War and preparing for Digital Legend's highly anticipated Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile launch.

Riccard Linde, Infinity Ward's Director of Art and Technology, said, "We are building this new team that will leverage the incredible talent here in Spain to focus exclusively on creating industry-leading, next-generation art for the franchise." 

Peter McCabe, Director of Production at Infinity Ward, added: "This is a great opportunity for us to develop games and collaborate across both studio teams; we thank our colleagues at Digital Legends and can't wait to get started."

Infinity Ward states in its press release, "Barcelona is an incredible location for us to bring together an elite team of proven industry professionals with AAA console/PC backgrounds into a new creative group."

“Barcelona is an incredible location for us to bring together an elite team of proven industry professionals with AAA console/PC backgrounds into a new creative group”

Infinity Ward

Establishing a dedicated AAA console/PC creative team in Barcelona is part of Infinity Ward's continued expansion across Europe, following the growth of its Krakow-based studio, Infinity Ward Poland, and the notable expansion of the Digital Legends team since joining Activision. With an impressive 20-year track record of delivering exceptional mobile experiences, Digital Legends brings a wealth of talent to the Call of Duty franchise.

In addition to the new team in Barcelona, the company is excited to deepen the sharing of best practices and key franchise insights between Infinity Ward and Digital Legends

Xavier Carrillo-Costa, Studio Head at Digital Legends, expressed his excitement: "We are excited to be working with this new team and look forward to the cross-pollination of creative ideas and the development of innovative assets in collaboration with Infinity Ward."

Digital Legends has established itself as a leading mobile developer with exceptional regional talent. This new Infinity Ward team further expands its capabilities and underscores its commitment to delivering outstanding experiences within the Call of Duty franchise.


Source: Infinity Ward

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