Barcelona-Catalonia: Leading the Smart Cities Revolution

15 Nov 2023

International Events

Explore the heart of innovation in Barcelona-Catalonia, the pulsating capital of the Smart Cities industry. This vibrant region in Southern Europe boasts internationally acclaimed strategies in smart cities and groundbreaking municipal projects. According to Juniper Research (2022), Barcelona proudly holds the title of the first smart city in Europe and the third in the world, making it the ultimate destination for companies willing to develop new projects in Southern Europe's smart city industry.

At the forefront of this dynamic landscape is the annual Smart City Expo World Congress, a global showcase of urban innovation that casts Barcelona-Catalonia into the spotlight. The recently concluded 2023 edition shattered records, attracting 25,300 attendees from 140 countries who gathered in Barcelona to dive deep into the latest urban advancements.

“We see Barcelona as an innovation hub for Europe. Our center in Barcelona is a critical asset of Cisco's innovation strategy”

Xavier Massa, Director of Public Sector Sales at Cisco Spain


Three experiences in Barcelona’s Smart Cities sector: Cisco, Worldsensing and Mobility Lab Barcelona

Journeying through Barcelona's Smart City Expo World Congress, we've engaged in conversations with industry giants at the forefront of innovation. Cisco, a global tech powerhouse, has chosen Barcelona as the epicenter of its smart city endeavors, managing an Innovation Lab that plays a pivotal role in Cisco's innovation strategy.

Xavier Massa, Director of Public Sector Sales at Cisco Spain, emphasizes Barcelona's significance, stating, "We see Barcelona as an innovation hub for Europe," underscoring the critical role the city plays in their global strategy. Cisco's commitment to Barcelona was strengthened with the establishment of their new chip design center for Europe in the city.

Enter Worldsensing, a Barcelona-based company expanding its business across 70 countries with its smart technology. Ignasi Vilajosana, CEO of Worldsensing, commends Barcelona's innovative spirit in technology adoption. Reflecting on the Smart City Congress, Vilajosana notes, "It's becoming the center of gravity of the industry and bringing together the most relevant stakeholders." Worldsensing's global impact includes projects in the Metro of Oslo, the Metro of Lima, the Metro of Paris, and the Panama Canal, showcasing the company's prowess in monitoring critical infrastructures worldwide.

Behind the scenes of this international event is Fira de Barcelona, a key player in the European trade fair landscape and the driving force behind the Smart City Expo World Congress. Lluís Gómez, Fira de Barcelona's Innovation Hub manager, proudly declares the congress as "the largest in the world" in its industry, serving as a platform to showcase Barcelona's major projects. Gómez emphasizes the role of the Congress in promoting innovation, attracting new activities, and enticing cutting-edge companies to contribute to Barcelona's vibrant landscape.

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