Barcelona-Catalonia, home to Revlon's Largest Global Site Outside the USA

19 Dec 2023


Revlon, the iconic American beauty company with nearly a century of history, has found not just a European home but a thriving hub in Barcelona-Catalonia. With its European headquarters in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona, and a major manufacturing facility in El Pla de Santa Maria, Tarragona, Revlon has solidified its presence in the region, marking Barcelona as the site for its largest facility outside the United States.

“Catalonia is an excellent place to work, do business, and project yourself in the world”

Jordi Trilles, Revlon’s Regional General Manager for Southern Europe

Revlon's European Hub in Barcelona

At the heart of Revlon's European operations lies its hub in Barcelona, spanning 9,000 square meters and employing 400 professionals. Housing diverse divisions such as Supply Chain, HR, IT, Marketing, R&D, Education, Finance, and more, this hub serves as the nerve center for Revlon's European activities. The extensive range of functions, from planning and logistics to research and development, underscores the strategic importance of Barcelona as a base for Revlon's operations.

A State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Plant in Tarragona

Further south in Catalonia, Revlon's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in El Pla de Santa Maria, Tarragona, stands as a testament to the company's commitment to quality and innovation. Producing 88 million units annually, the plant employs between 400 and 450 professionals. The facility covers 40,900 square meters, showcasing Revlon's dedication to efficiency and sustainability in its production processes.

The Tarragona facility boasts cutting-edge equipment, including 32 mixers, 86 fixed storage tanks, and 30 filling lines. With more than 600 active formulas and 1430 finished product SKUs, this site is a cornerstone of Revlon's global manufacturing network.

A Global Workforce in Catalonia

Jordi Trilles, Revlon’s Regional General Manager for Southern Europe, emphasizes the international flavor of Revlon's team in Catalonia. Beyond the local talent, professionals from various countries contribute to the vibrant and diverse work environment. According to Jordi Trilles, the allure of Catalonia's climate, gastronomy, rich culture, open mindset, and quality of life has attracted a global team passionate about contributing to Revlon's success.

About Revlon

Rooted in New York, Revlon places diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion at the forefront of its values. The company's three main divisions – Professional, Mass, and Prestige – showcase a broad spectrum of products, from hair color and cosmetics to beauty accessories and perfumes. Revlon's diversified portfolio of brands is sold in approximately 150 countries around the world.

Revlon's significant presence in Catalonia showcases the region's attractiveness to global corporations. As Revlon's European hub, Barcelona and Tarragona provide not just a strategic base but a thriving environment for innovation, collaboration, and business success.

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