Barcelona-based car manufacturer SEAT to launch urban electric car in 2025

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24 Mar 2021

Barcelona-based car manufacturer SEAT, part of the Volkswagen Group, will launch an urban electric vehicle on the market in 2025. With this car, the company will enter a segment of around 20-25,000 euros, essential to make electromobility accessible to the masses and hit the Green Deal targets.

At the 2021 Annual Press Conference, SEAT presented an ambitious plan, called Future Fast Forward, to lead the electrification of the automotive industry in Spain. The key driver of this plan is the production of urban electric vehicles in Spain from 2025.

SEAT President Wayne Griffiths explained that “we want to manufacture electric cars in Spain starting in 2025. Our ambition is to produce more than 500,000 urban electric cars per year in Martorell (Barcelona) also for the Volkswagen Group but we need a clear commitment by the European Commission.

SEAT aims not only to produce electric vehicles but also to lead the development of the entire project for the Volkswagen Group. “Our plan is to transform our Technical Center, the only one of its kind in Southern Europe and an essential R&D asset for the region”, said Griffiths.

Source: SEAT

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