Arbora&Ausonia invest 4 million euros in Montornés del Vallès plant

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01 Apr 2012

The personal hygiene and healthcare group arbora&ausonia have invested €4 million in their production facility in montornès del vallès (vallès oriental) over the last year, principally in updating and overhauling the technology of the plant, which has, since completion of work, seen output rise by 17%.

the object of the funds put into the plant was to bring in state of the art technology onto the production lines of the facility along with environmental improvements, all of which have led to 96% of all waste generated by the plant being reused or recycled.

the montornès plant has an annual output of 170 million sanitary towels and nearly 800 million panty pads, as well as producing a further 200 million units of pads for urinary incontinence.

the plant has been operating in catalonia for over thirty years, in which time it has expanded to occupy some 2,500m2 and currently employs a workforce of over 200 people.

source: la vanguardia, 15/3/2012

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