American multinational Bunge creates more than 60 new jobs in its Barcelona hub

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29 Nov 2023

Bunge's recently renovated offices already house 280 employees working in areas such as industrial and digital operations, talent management, and commercial relations.

Bunge, a global leader in the agri-food sector, has created more than 60 new jobs at its offices in Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona) over the last year. This is part of Bunge's ongoing growth and makes the office in Barcelona one of the company's main hubs in Europe

For this expansion project, the company has received the support of ACCIÓ-Catalonia Trade & Investment, the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Department of Business and Labour.

“Continuing to invest in our facilities reinforces Bunge's commitment to further advance the development of our team and business in the region”

Rafael Olaso, Bunge's Country Lead in Spain

Bunge's Country Lead in Spain, Rafael Olaso, and the Minister of Business and Labour, Roger Torrent, announced it this Wednesday after meeting at the company's renovated office in Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona). The meeting was also attended by the first deputy mayor of Sant Just Desvern, Gina Pol.

Bunge, one of the key global players in the agri-food sector, opened its offices in Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona) in 1992. Today, it has an area of 2,000m2 and a team of 280 employees of more than 30 different nationalities. Most of the employees are linked to the company's efforts in sustainability, digitalization, and innovation, with specialized profiles in Industry 4.0, science and environment, or regenerative agriculture, as well as the areas of business development and finance, among others.

In the framework of this Wednesday's meeting, the Minister of Business and Labour assured that growth projects such as this "shows that Catalonia has consolidated itself as one of the most dynamic environments in Europe for attracting both industrial investment projects and hubs of high added value." "With a strong industrial base, Catalonia is one of the most open economies in our environment and with a more developed technological and digital ecosystem," he said. About Catalonia, he also emphasized "the presence of leading scientific and technological infrastructures, a great capacity to generate and attract talent from around the world, and a strategic geographic location."

Bunge is a world leader in oilseed processing and a leading producer and supplier of vegetable oils, specialty fats, and plant-based proteins. In Spain, Bunge is one of the main producers of protein meal for animal feed, vegetable oils for the food industry, and biodiesel, as well as an important national and international distributor of grains, cereals, and oilseeds.

The team in Barcelona supports the company's activities in various European, Asian, North African, and Middle Eastern markets in areas such as industrial and digital operations, talent management, and commercial relations. Following its growth in recent years, the Catalan offices are consolidating their position as one of the company's main hubs across the world.

Rafael Olaso, Bunge's Country Lead in Spain said: "The renovation of the offices in our Barcelona headquarters provides our team can enjoy a more collaborative environment, including new spaces and better technology, which promotes efficiency and innovation." Rafael added that "continuing to invest in our facilities reinforces Bunge's commitment to further advance the development of our team and business in the region."

Founded in 1818, Bunge has over 23,000 employees around the world. In Catalonia, it also has a plant in the Port of Barcelona dedicated to soybean processing. In addition, it operates two more plants in Spain, in Bilbao and Cartagena. The company currently takes part in a consortium of companies participating in an important Agri-food PERTE (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation) tractor project within the framework of the European Next Generation funds. Within the project, initiatives related to the automation and digitalization of processes, the reduction of water usage in industrial facilities, and the minimization of the environmental footprint of the agri-food sector value chain, among others, have been presented.

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