Alstom, a Success Story: Manufacturing Trains from Barcelona-Catalonia

28 Sep 2023

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The French company Alstom, a world leader in the manufacture of trains and trams, is one of the main players in the sustainable mobility sector in Catalonia. With more than 1,200 employees in Barcelona-Catalonia, Alstom has a strong technological and industrial presence in the region.

The Catalonia site is one of Alstom's largest industrial sites in Europe. Located in Santa Perpètua (Barcelona), it covers an area of 360,000 square meters and is currently undergoing a process of expansion and digitalization. In recent years, Alstom has invested 150 million euros in the Catalan plant to drive this transformation plan.

“The fact that we are in Catalonia is absolutely fantastic for us. We have 300 suppliers in Catalonia, this is a tremendous network”

Cristina Andériz
Site Managing Director Alstom Santa Perpètua, Barcelona


In an interview with Catalonia Trade & Investment, Site Managing Director Cristina Andériz highlighted the versatility and flexibility of Alstom's Catalan plant: "The beauty of this site is that we have a Catalan train rolling in every single continent in the world. Today, on this site, we manufacture the trams and trains for Frankfurt, Casablanca, Luxembourg or Singapore, and of course we also have a very large local market".

Advantages of the Barcelona-Catalonia location

Catalonia's local rail suppliers are key for Alstom. The company works with more than 300 suppliers from Barcelona-Catalonia, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, which over the years have also successfully become suppliers for the Alstom Group worldwide.

"The very flourishing industrial sector in Catalonia allows us to be in an environment where we can exchange ideas between different industries," says Cristina Andériz. "In addition, Barcelona is a center for innovation and technology. Therefore, we also have this talent acquisition for our digitalization," she added.

Support from Catalonia Trade & Investment

Over the years, Alstom has received support from Catalonia Trade & Investment for its expansion projects. Cristina Andériz states, "The support of Catalonia Trade & Investment is extremely important for us. It is a support function that helps us move in the right direction with industrial and economic issues or even labor relations".

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