Alacer mas to invest eur 6 million in a new plant in osona

Business Investments

02 Oct 2010

Catalan aluminum producer alacer mas plans to invest eur 5 to 6 million in the construction of a new 8,700-square-meter plant in gurb (osona). the company specializes in the manufacturing of aluminum and stainless steel products for the food industry.

the new plant, to be located near the c-17 highway, is expected to be operating by next year (july). it will carry out tasks such as polishing and laminating, which until recently were outsourced to other companies. family business alacer mas expects to end 2010 with revenue in the area of eur 50million, up 40% compared to 2009. alacer mas has about 100 workers.

source: avui el punt, 17/07/2010

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