Wojo chooses Barcelona to begin the international expansion of its coworking spaces

Catalan Economy

27 Oct 2020

The French coworking multinational Wojo has chosen Barcelona to open its first international workspace. Five years after opening the first coworking in Paris, Wojo begins its international expansion plans in Catalonia with the goal of opening 1,200 offices/workspaces across Europe in 2022. Specifically, in Barcelona the company has opened an 8,300sqm-office in the 22@ district, over six floors and with a capacity for 900 workstations.

Wojo’s coworking spaces are designed to bring together the flexibility of coworking with the benefits of sharing a working space with professionals from a wide variety of industries and experiences, enabling brainstorming and networking.

The French group Wojo, created in 2015 by the real estate company Bouygues, which currently equally owns it together with the hotel chain Accor, is consolidating itself as one of the main actors in coworking. It currently has more than 300 spaces in France.

Source: Wojo

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