Vall d’hebron european leader in cancer drug testing

Catalan Economy

12 Jun 2012

The vall d’hebron hospital is now the european hospital with the most active cancer drug trial program, having carried out a total of 48 procedures in 2011, nearly one per week.

this leadership is due in part to the research strategy driven by the oncologists josep baselga and josep tabernero, so that the scientific results obtained from the trials can benefit patients as soon as possible. another key factor is the funding provided from the social patronage arm of la caixa – the “fundació la caixa,” which was instrumental in the setting up of the research unit in molecular therapies, which came into being just two years ago.

the vall d’hebron hospital has positioned itself at the forefront of the so-called phase 1 clinical trials, (those in which a new drug is tried out for the first time in humans). these trials try out the most innovative cancer treatments, which are adapted to the genetic make up of the tumours. .

source: la vanguardia 10/7/2012

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