universal robots helps automatize processes of southern european smes from barcelona

Catalan Economy

16 Mar 2015

the danish company universal robots provides commercial and technical services to southern europe countries from its subsidiary based in barcelona. this firm produces small-sized robots that are easy to program and that allow smes to automatize processes, which was not possible when companies had to use bigger and more complex robots. universal robots currently has more than 4.000 robots installed in plants all over the world.

from barcelona, universal robots covers the third largest area in its business volume, including germany, austria and switzerland. the manager of the company in southern europe, jacob pascual pape, has outlined that their barcelona subsidiary also serves france, italy and portugal, following the company’s global strategy to be “closer to distributors and final clients” and benefiting from its “excellent geographical location, its industrial structure and the high concentration of automotive companies”. during this process, universal robots has received support from invest in catalonia.

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