Two Spanish videogames, a big surprise at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles (USA)

Catalan Economy

14 Jun 2009

Two Spanish-developed videogames have received unanimous praise at the latest E3 Expo in Los Angeles: Invizimals, from Catalan company Novarama, and Castlevania, from Madrid-based firm MercurySteam.

Novarama’s Daniel Sanchez-Crespo said that Invizimals received very positive reviews from specialized magazines because of its “unique” interaction between reality and virtuality. Enric Alvarez, from MercurySteam, presented Castlevania: Lord of Shadow, a new version of the famous vampires’ series from the 80’s. Japanese company Konami commissioned the project. Castlevania is expected to hit the market in 2010 for video consoles PS3 and Xbox.

Source: El País, 11/06/2009

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