the ub and the upc set up a technological laboratory for culinary research

Catalan Economy

27 Jul 2015

Barcelona University (UB) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) have jointly set up a laboratory for technology demonstrations and cooking research. 

Out of these new facilities — located on the Torribera campus (Santa Coloma de Gramenet) — they will promote a range of activities focused on research and application of 3D food printing technology, cooking and gastronomy; a task that will be performed together with professionals from the restaurant industry. To do so, a multidisciplinary team has been put together and which will work on optimising 3D printing in the food industry out its new laboratory located on Barcelona University’s Food Campus. 

This laboratory aims to investigate opportunities arising out of all innovations and breakthroughs in 3D food printing. 

One example of this is the paste extruder, a system that controls the amount of material being deposited thanks to pressure provided by a syringe. These projects are integrated into a wider project aimed at creating the Catalan Centre for Gastronomic Research; an initiative of the UB, the Alice Foundation and the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology. It will be headed by the chef Joan Roca from the Celler de Can Roca and aims to be a major point of reference in Catalonia’s gastronomy community developed under the auspices of the Generalitat’s RIS3CAT project, within the framework of the future European Region of Gastronomy which Catalonia will represent in 2016. ..

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