The Port of Barcelona launches a pioneer project to geolocate ships via 5G technology

Catalan Economy

19 Nov 2020

The Port of Barcelona is working on a pioneer project called '5G Maritime' that aims to validate the location of ships in real-time and with great precision. Via 5G, the port will obtain data from images that complement the information of the current geolocation systems (AIS geolocation system and radar).

The pilot project is based on a pioneering technological solution that combines artificial intelligence and cloud computing with edge computing technology and ultrafast and low latency communications with a commercial 5G network.

The project is framed under the 5G Barcelona initiative and is promoted by the Port of Barcelona, IBM, Vodafone, Huawei, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, and i2CAT Foundation, with the support of the Government of Catalonia.

Eduard Martín, Director of the 5G Programme at Mobile World Capital Barcelona and CEO of 5G Barcelona, noted that "this is a pioneering pilot test in the field of logistics in which the application of 5G in port environments will facilitate the improvement and automation of processes and will increase the security and efficiency of these operations".

The port will be able to accurately estimate valuable information for transactions and docking vessels in the port, such as the location of several ships that sail through the docks of the Port of Barcelona, the course or even the speed of the ship, all based on video analysis from 5G cameras installed around the port precinct.

Source: Port of Barcelona

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