The japanese Amada to locate its iberian headquarters in Gavà

Catalan Economy

10 Apr 2015

the japanese firm amada, dedicated to the production of industrial machinery, has opened its new iberian headquarters in gavà, near barcelona. this subsidiary, which is directly accountable to the european central (based in the uk), will offer both commercial services and technical support to its iberian clients, including showroom, sale and after-sale services and product customization to clients’ needs.

up to now, the company was located in cornellà de llobregat where they had 35 employees. this change isn’t just related to amada’s physical location, but it also implies a strategy change in order to improve its position towards its clients.

our aftercare program -carried out on a regular basis to detect new investments of international companies already operating in catalonia- as well as the catalonia-japan plan 2012-2015 -a governamental iniciative-, have been crucial for the collaboration with 

amada and have enabled us to offer the company tailor-made information and help amada to recruit qualified engineers. amanda has invested €1m in this project and will hire 15 employees during the next three years. the amada group, directed by mitsuo okamoto, is one of the main global industrial machinery producers devoted to the automotive industry, infrastructures or appliances, among others. amada has around 6.500 workers in over 80 subsidiaries from 70 different countries.

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