The iuct at Mollet del Vallès and the leitat join forces with a german company to work together on cancer research

Catalan Economy

04 Feb 2012

The university science and technology institute (iuct) based in Mollet del Vallès near barcelona has entered into a collaboration agreement with terrassa’s leitat technology centre and the german firm jpt peptide technologies gmbh with a total investment of over €1 million in order to undertake a joint venture over the coming years to research into improving cancer treatment.

the aim of this accord is to develop new pharmaceutical products which offer greater guarantees of safety to patients and above all improved efficacy in treatment of the disease. the agreement is looking to develop the ability of enhancing selective action on cancer cells, while making sure healthy cells are left unaffected by chemotherapy treatment.

the iuct will contribute its experience and know-how in biotechnological and chemical synthesis in applications related to medicine, while the german enterprise is able to draw on its considerable track record of identifying therapeutic elements and evolution towards potential pharmaceutical products to treat the disease. the leitat technology centre of terrassa for its part is a centre specialising in studies on the efficacy of a wide range of therapies.

source: el 9 nou, 2/2/2012

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