The first european fiction film in 3d has catalan participation

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13 Jun 2009

The spanish film industry has achieved yet another victory. catalan film director jordi llompart has just finished “a magical trip to africa”, spain’s first fiction movie in 3d. the production, which is also europe’s first in 3d, was filmed in namibia and south africa in hard conditions and with a budget of 10 million euros.

two years ago, mr. llompart, who had a successful career as a journalist and tv presenter, produced "the mystery of the nile," the first spanish documentary in imax format. "the mystery of the nile" has sold more than seven million tickets throughout the world, with a box office of 30 million euros. "a magical trip to africa" is also the first fiction film in 3d to participate in europe's media program supporting audiovisual projects in the eu.

the movie will have two versions with different running time: 90 minutes in 3d and 45 minutes in imax format. the world premiere has been scheduled for january 6, 2010.

source: el país 12/06/09

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