The digital talent market in Barcelona hit an all-time high in 2023

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07 Jun 2024

Barcelona already has 122,185 digital professionals, which means that almost 55,000 new ICT specialists have been incorporated since 2018.

Barcelona's tech workforce experienced remarkable growth in 2023, with a record-breaking 13,500 new digital professionals entering the job market, according to the "Digital Talent Overview 2024" report by Mobile World Capital Barcelona. This surge reflects a 12.4% increase, bringing the total number of digital specialists in the city to over 122,000, reinforcing Barcelona's position as a leading European tech hub.

“With 13,500 new digital professionals, 2023 set a record for digital talent incorporation.”

The report reflects a positive outlook for Barcelona's digital talent landscape. Since 2018, the city has seen a significant rise in tech talent, with approximately 55,000 new ICT specialists joining the workforce. The demand for digital professionals has soared by over 115% during this period, resulting in 34,192 job openings in 2023.

Top Digital Sectors in High Demand

Web developers continue to be the most sought-after professionals, comprising 51% of job offers and highlighting a high demand for skills in web development and UX/UI expertise. Additionally, the report indicates a growing demand for new profiles such as Big Data (45% growth), Cybersecurity (18% growth), and Cloud (14% growth), reflecting the evolving needs of the digital industry.

The top 10 most sought-after digital skills have witnessed shifts compared to previous years, underscoring the ongoing adaptability required in the tech sector. While Web Developers, UX Designers, and Data Scientists remain popular, other positions have seen fluctuations, reflecting the industry's dynamic nature.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as the fastest-growing digital talent area in terms of supply, while Blockchain indicates the highest demand growth. Moreover, developing fields such as 3D printing, computer vision, and NewSpace technologies are showing potential, with available professionals for job openings.

1 in 3 digital professionals are women in Barcelona

The report also highlights encouraging progress in gender diversity. In Barcelona, 31% of digital professionals are women, marking the highest representation to date. Notably, fields like digital marketing and UX/UI demonstrate higher-than-average female representation, although efforts are needed to bridge the gender gap in fields such as Blockchain and Cybersecurity.

Barcelona's Digital Foreign Talent

One in three digital professionals in Barcelona are from other countries (33%). In 2023, 5,111 new international digital professionals were hired. Cybersecurity, app development, and web development were the specialties that drew the most foreign talent, with London emerging as the top source city, contributing over 12% of the international talent inflow.

Barcelona stands out among other European cities because of its competitive salaries, high demand for digital skills, thriving ecosystem, and commitment to fostering professional growth. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Barcelona is well-positioned to maintain and expand its status as a leading destination for digital talent in Europe.

Source: Mobile World Capital Barcelona

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