The connected vehicle in Catalonia, an established and dynamic sector

Catalan Economy

15 May 2019

The connected vehicle sector in Catalonia generates a total turnover of 4,152 million euros and employs 9,720 workers, according to the study The Connected Vehicle in Catalonia by Catalonia Trade & Investment.

Today we can count 71 companies in Catalonia – 70% of which are SMEs – all working in a wide range of sub-sectors; such as manufacturers, component suppliers, engineering, IT and connectivity providers as well as consultancy and services.

Although some 30% of connected vehicle companies in Catalonia are startups reflecting the dynamism in this area, the sector itself is now an established and mature industry with over 60% of companies having been in business for over 10 years.

It is also a highly internationalised sector with 20% of companies having subsidiaries abroad and 48% exporting regularly. Even sound ecosystems like China are exploring Catalonia’s potential in future vehicle technology, as was the goal in a recent business visit of Chinese and Hong Kong automotive companies.

An interesting characteristic of the connected vehicle sector is the fact that it works with a hybridization of multiple technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Internet of things (IoT), Connectivity and Cibersecurity.

Big data is collected from drivers and stored in the cloud for analysis while Artificial Intelligence is used in the software and devices within vehicles, thus improving automating driving

The Internet of Things will allow vehicles to connect with other IoT devices around it, as well as access the Internet. Through Connectivity, vehicles will be able to interact with others as well as with infrastructures, mobile devices, pedestrians, and the cloud.  This connectivity will obviously imply a greater need for increased Cybersecurity elements.

About the future, by 2025 it is believed that 60% of the passenger vehicles in circulation all over the world – including both new vehicles and retro-fitted older models – will be connected.

This percentage means in figures that by 2025 there will be 171 million connected vehicles driving around the world. Globally, most growth will be seen in traditional telecommunications markets such as the United States and Western Europe, as well as the new emerging markets such as China and India.

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