Seat breaks sales record for second year in a row

Catalan Economy

11 Dec 2019

For another year, automotive company Seat has broken its sales record, with 542,800 vehicles sold around the world until November, some 10.3% more than in the same period last year. Seat is part of the Volkswagen group and operates from a manufacturing plant in Martorell (Barcelona).

In the whole of 2018, Seat sold a total of 517,600 vehicles worldwide, which itself broke the company's previous sales record, which was set in 2000.

November was also the best month for sales in Seat's history, with the firm selling 44,100 vehicles around the world, some 1.9% more than in the same month last year.

"The challenging economic context has not stopped our second consecutive record", said Seat's Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Wayne Griffiths.

Seat's primary market was Germany, where it has grown 16% and where it sold 125,700 vehicles, followed by the UK (8%, 65,100), and then Austria (6%, 19,200).

With some 103,300 vehicles sold, Seat is also the biggest-selling car brand in Spain, despite the market falling by almost 6%, according to the firm.

Source: Catalan News

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