Ripleg creates a vending machine to bake 'baguettes' in one minute

Catalan Economy

02 Jun 2010

catalan company ripleg has developed a vending machine prototype capable of baking french baguettes in 60 seconds. with a capacity to bake up to 110 baguettes, the machine boasts an area for storing pre-cooked baguettes at low temperature and a dedicated oven to cook the product in just 60 seconds.

ripleg plans to manufacture about 1,200 units over the next three years. the initiative is part of the invest in catalonia program and received support from acc1ó.

ripleg is a family business founded in 1988. it has a staff of 85 employees and last year posted revenue of eur 7 million.

source: invest in catalonia, acc1ó, 21/05/1910

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