Port of Barcelona launches a pioneering 5G network in Europe

Catalan Economy

10 Jul 2024

The new 5G network represents an investment of 3.6 million euros and has been designed to meet the needs of the increasingly automated port ecosystem.

“The deployment of this new 5G network is a pioneering project in Europe and will transform the Port of Barcelona into a more innovative infrastructure”

Lluís Salvadó, president of the Port of Barcelona

The Port of Barcelona has implemented a new private 5G network, a leading project in Europe. This new technological infrastructure, developed through an agreement with telecommunications company Orange, will allow the development of several innovative technological solutions in the port ecosystem, thanks to its high capacity and reliability.

With an investment of 3.6 million euros spread over 5 years, the new network represents a technological leap for port companies. From now on, they will have the necessary connections to respond to the increasing level of automation of management tools and services of the entire port ecosystem.

"The deployment of this new 5G SA network is a pioneering project in Europe. It will transform the Port of Barcelona into a more efficient and innovative infrastructure, offering its customers the necessary technology to remain at the forefront", said Lluís Salvadó, president of the Port of Barcelona.

Some of the advantages of this network are the availability of a back-up communications network in case of failure of the main system, or the possibility of installing cameras and sensors in areas without fiber access. This new service is also pioneering in that it covers the entire Port of Barcelona, including the two nautical miles around the port.

The Port Police and the various security and emergency forces present in the Port of Barcelona will also benefit from the new service. The network's high capacity and reliability will allow agents to communicate with other agents, receive real-time information from more than 400 CTTV cameras distributed throughout the port, and even coordinate with aerial surveillance drones connected to the 5G network.

The new 5G network will also be key to improving the efficiency of rail transport through the Port of Barcelona thanks to the high mobility of connections it will enable. Thanks to its resistance to electromagnetic interference, it will allow better management of connectivity and data transmission in the Onshore Power Supply (OPS) systems, which operate with high levels of electrical power.

Source: Port of Barcelona

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