Partnership agreement between catalonia and the chinese province of guangdong

Catalan Economy

01 Apr 2012

the partnership agreement between catalonia and the chinese province of guangdong signed by the chief executive of acc1ó, mr. josep moragas, and the managing director of the department of international trade and economic cooperation of guangdong, mr. liang yaowen, is aimed at bolstering cooperation between both regions in the areas of trade, investment, innovation and technology, as well as in sectors such as biomedicine and icts among others.

the signing of this accord is a further advance to the overall international promotion strategy of invest in catalonia, which aims to further attraction of inward investment from asian firms over the coming three years. the province of guangdong is one of china’s most dynamic economic poles of attraction and is ranked second among the regions of asian giant with the highest level of investment in europe.

source: invest in catalonia, 30/03/12

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