Invest in Catalonia - ACCIÓ supported 33 investment projects in 2009

Catalan Economy

22 Jul 2010

Acc1ó's invest in catalonia helped to materialize a total of 33 new investment projects in catalonia last year, with a total of eur 543 million, catalan minister josep huguet confirmed.

the projects contributed to create 921 new jobs and the consolidation of some 2,166 additional jobs. a 72% of the projects supported by invest in catalonia belonged to foreign companies, with 33% from europe, 24% from asia and 15% from the americas. pharmaceutical and biotechnology initiatives accounted for 21% of all projects, while industrial projects represented more than 50% of the total. other initiatives included projects linked to the knowledge economy and research activities.

source: acc1ó 19/07/2010

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