IBM to set up the new mareincognito supercomputer in barcelona

Catalan Economy

04 Nov 2009

American multinational company ibm has announced its plans to set up the new mareincognito supercomputer at the barcelona supercomputing center (bsc). the next-generation equipment will be 100 times more powerful than current supercomputer marenostrum, also available at bsc facilities. ibm is currently developing the new machine in association with leading american and european universities.

the mareincognito project is expected to be up and running by 2012, offering a wide array of applications for businesses, science and technology experts, ibm spain president juan antonio zufiria said.

ibm is a global leader in supercomputing, having developed projects like u.s.-based roadrunner, which boasts a capacity of 1.7 petaflops per second.

source: cinco dias, 03/11/2009

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