Google opens new headquarters in Barcelona and creates 40 jobs

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02 Jun 2022

The US tech company Google inaugurated yesterday its new headquarters in Barcelona, creating 40 new jobs focused on digital marketing, business consultants, and expert profiles in Google cloud.

According to Google's CEO for Spain and Portugal, Fuencisla Clemares: Catalonia is one of the largest technology centers in the European Union, both for the number of jobs it generates in the sector and for the integration of digital technology in the economy and society.”

“Its strategic position as the gateway to Europe from the Iberian Peninsula has led many companies to focus on the region and invest in its development. In 2020 alone, a total of 16,711 companies were created in the technology sector”, added Clemares.

The President of the Government of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, said at the inauguration: “The landing of Google in Barcelona confirms the strategic position of Catalonia as a gateway to Europe and reinforces our goal as a digital nation and our commitment to digitalization”.

Google’s new offices are designed to support the digital transformation of local companies and to develop closer relationships with Google’s partners in Catalonia.

Catalonia’s strong commitment to digitalization has made it a key region for Google. We have a close and prolonged collaboration with the most relevant institutions and organizations based in Catalonia, said Fuencisla Clemares.

Source: Google


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