Christian Ketels, Harvard Business School: “Catalonia is an example of successful cluster policy

20 Dec 2023

Catalan Economy

The Harvard Business School has recently spotlighted Catalonia in a published business case, Three Decades of Cluster Policy in Catalonia: What's Next, showcasing the success of its cluster policy. Christian Ketels, a researcher at Harvard Business School and the author of the publication, visited Barcelona to present the case at an event organized by Catalonia Trade & Investment. This event served as a gathering for cluster representatives and business leaders in Barcelona-Catalonia.

“The way that clusters are used for economic policies in Catalonia have really become a benchmark, not just for the European but for the global community”

Christian Ketels, Faculty member and Researcher at Harvard Business School and EU Commission Special Advisor

According to Ketels, Catalonia has been at the forefront of cluster-based economic policy for over 30 years, making it a global benchmark and contributing significantly to the global discourse on cluster-based economic development.

Catalonia's cluster program currently supports 27 cluster organizations comprising more than 2,700 members, including companies and institutions. These clusters collaborate on over 100 projects annually, proving to be instrumental in enhancing Catalonia's competitiveness. Over the last three decades, many international companies have actively participated in these clusters.

In Ketels' view, the engagement and dialogue within these clusters have been critical for business leaders in Catalonia. The unique methodology employed by Catalonia in interacting with clusters has resulted in an unprecedented level of engagement with CEOs, setting it apart from other regions in Europe and around the world.

As outlined by Ketels, companies within cluster programs in Catalonia exhibit higher levels of investment activity, increased research and development efforts, and demonstrate superior performance in job creation and internationalization. This success has made Catalonia an attractive destination for foreign companies seeking to establish a new business.

Foreign Investment Services in Barcelona-Catalonia

Catalonia Trade & Investment offers confidential and tailor-made solutions for foreign companies looking to invest in Barcelona-Catalonia. The region's commitment to cluster-based economic development has not only proven to be a successful model but also a catalyst for increased innovation, collaboration, and global competitiveness.




Three Decades of Cluster Policy in Catalonia: What's Next

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