Chinese shipping company cosco puts its weight behind spain despite downturn

Catalan Economy

29 May 2013

Chinese shipping operators cosco are backing economic recovery in spain and continue to put their faith in the country, according yang lei, managing director of cosco iberia and han guo min, ceo of cosco shipping, speaking during the 40th anniversary commemoration of the first direct china – spain shipping line, which was brought into service by cosco back in 1973.

the celebration of this milestone brought together some 300 leading lights in the world of logistics from all round spain. guests at the function held in barcelona, also included representatives from other sectors too. in the words of yan lei, “this crisis has made us face up to a number of obstacles, but we are convinced we will overcome them and continue strongly over the coming 40 years." his counterpart from cosco shipping, han guo min added, “after 40 years’ experience enjoyed by cosco in spain, its business here will continue to grow.” indeed, qu shenwu, chinese consul general in barcelona pointed out, “cosco has become one of the largest chinese firms operating in spain,” a commitment which the head of the port of barcelona, sixte cambra acknowledged as he insisted that, “this shipping line represents a key element of trade between both countries and has no doubt played its part in creating a deeper bond between china and catalonia.”

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