Catalonia to have spain's first offshore windmill park

Catalan Economy

04 Apr 2010

Catalonia will have spain's first offshore windmill park as part of an initiative promoted by the institute of energy research of catalonia (irec). the zèfir project plans to install wind turbines off the coast of tarragona, in an area facing the ebro river and the town of vandellós.

zèfir is expected to be completed by 2012 and will be developed in two stages. the first phase will see the installation of two to four wind turbines, 3.5 kilometers off the spanish coast in an area with a depth of 35 meters. a second phase calls for 6 to 8 floating wind turbines, 20 kilometers off the coastline. the 20-mw wind turbines will produce electricity equivalent to the consumption of 8,000 homes.

source: la vanguardia 27/03/2010

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