Catalonia seeks its place in the aerospace sector

Catalan Economy

12 Aug 2009

Aerospace cluster baie (barcelona space and aeronautics) has decided to change its strategy and focus on identifying new market niches in the aerospace sector, in particular, corporate aviation, very light jets and unmanned vehicles. that is why baie is working in a project with fipsa, a catalan company, in a next generation of engines with a lower environmental impact.

baie is already an important player in the industry, having participated in programs such as the european union-led smos project on ocean salinity and soil moisture levels. baie director gloria garcia cuadrado said that catalonia is a leader in areas such as earth observation technology, support systems for life in outer space and space tourism. the region has also participated in the mares project on muscle atrophy in space, a joint effort with barcelona's sant cugat high performance sports center.

source: la vanguardia 19/07/09

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