Catalonia's Data Center sector to receive 3,500 Million euros investment until 2026

Catalan Economy · Tech & Digital Transformation

24 Apr 2023

According to the the Spanish Association of Data Centers, the investment in Catalonia's data center sector is set to significantly impact the region's economy, with an estimated contribution of 11,404 million euros to the GDP.

Spain DC, the Spanish Data Center Association, presented the report Catalonia: new connectivity hub in Southern Europe, providing insights into the data center industry's current status and prospects in Catalonia.

According to the association, the sector is set to receive an estimated investment of 3,520 million euros by 2026, with 1,320 million euros being a direct investment and 2,200 million euros being an indirect investment. The study estimates that this investment will contribute significantly to the region's economy, with an anticipated impact of 11,404 million euros on Catalonia's GDP.

Barcelona leads the interconnection market in the region, with 24 MW of installed and confirmed capacity in 2022, representing a 41% increase from the previous year. Spain DC forecasts indicate a cumulative growth of 416.6% for the city.

By 2016, the city is expected to reach a power capacity of 124MW, surpassing the 42% forecast for Madrid or the 20% increase expected in the FLAPs, the leading European markets grouped by their acronyms in English, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, and Paris. Likewise, the sector's growth in Barcelona will be three times as expected in Milan and double that of Warsaw and Johannesburg.

“Barcelona is showing unprecedented growth rates. Its location, the international investment it is receiving, and its international connections will soon make Barcelona a true benchmark for connectivity in our continent”

Ignacio Velilla, President of Spain DC

Barcelona consolidated its status as a strategic point for high-capacity fiber optic connections in the Peninsula by opening its first international submarine cable station. As a result, the city is fast becoming a reference point for digital connectivity in the Mediterranean region.

Furthermore, initiatives such as MW Capital's Intelligent Connectivity and 5G Barcelona contribute to the city's growth as a 5G hub in southern Europe. With annual growth rates in data traffic and international internet bandwidth exceeding 35%, Barcelona is a leading destination for investors in the digital industry. In fact, it is widely regarded as the city in Europe with the best strategy for attracting foreign investment, making it one of the most attractive destinations for investors in the sector.

According to the president of Spain DC, Ignacio Velilla, "We are confident in Barcelona's potential to become a reference point for hyperconnectivity in southern Europe. Although in our country, the bulk of Data Centers is concentrated in Madrid, Barcelona is showing unprecedented growth rates, much higher than those of similar markets. Its geographical position, the international investment it is receiving, and the increase in international connections will soon make Barcelona a true benchmark for connectivity in our continent".

During the event, it was announced that Barcelona will host the III Annual Meeting of Spain DC in October.

Source: SpainDC

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