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01 Dec 2011

The 2011 edition of the biocat report analyses trends in the biotech biomedicine and medical technology sectors around the world along with the current situation of businesses and research groups working in the sector within the framework of the bioregió de catalunya. (catalonia bioregion).

the latest report highlights the fact that catalonia accounts for nearly a quarter (24.9%) of turnover for the spanish biotech and biomedical sectors. in addition, catalonia was the community with most start ups in the sector during 2010.

the report illustrates that biomedicine is the leading research field in catalonia, with study into new therapeutic products at the forefront, followed by research into medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics, representing the lion’s share of initiatives run by research groups and enterprise in this sector. indeed, catalonia produces 26% of all generics for the spanish market.

the report also brings to light a further major area of research which is coming to the fore in catalonia; that of so-called white biotech (using biotech for industrial purposes), now taking up nearly 40% of the work of research groups and 47.1% of r+d firms, while another 32.6% of research groups and 28.1% r+d firms concentrate their efforts in green biotech, (focused on the agro-food sector. the biannual study was compiled from information obtained from 450 surveys run throughout the year 2010, cross checked and fed with data from a series of both national and international sector reports.

source: biocat, 29/11/2011

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