Catalonia keeps breaking records with 17 million visitors in 2014

Catalan Economy

15 Jan 2015

Almost 17 million tourists visited catalonia in 2014, which means this area attracted the 25.8% of spain’s total foreign visitors. these figures imply catalonia broke a historical record, also affecting barcelona’s airport, el prat, which received more than 37 million passengers. the number of visitors from the eu increased by 10.5%, while there was a 6.6% rise in overseas tourism.

these figures become even greater considering this was a difficult year, in terms of economy and international affairs. current circumstances in russia were responsible for the decrease in the number of the visitors coming from this country. catalonia also received fewer tourists from the usa than in 2013.

however, not only has catalonia kept its appeal as a destination, but it has increased and strengthened it, judging for the 17 million visitors it had last year, but also for the 15.000 million euros they have spent during their stay.

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