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01 Feb 2010

The 2009 regional innovation scoreboard (ris) provides a comparative assessment of innovation performance across the eu regions. spain is one of the most heterogeneous countries with considerable diversity in regional innovation performances. catalonia is one of the regions that outperform their country level. enablers (education, r+d, broadband acces) are its relative strenght.

according to the sixteen indicators measured, between year 2004 and 2006 catalonia has experienced a positive trend. it has changed from an “average innovator” to a “medium-high" innovator. catalonia has improved its performance in indicators related to “enablers of innovation” (from an “average” to a “medium-high” region) and in those related to “outputs” (from a “medium-high” region to a “high” performer). “firm activities” stay it in a “medium-high” level.

source: eu. european comission.

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