Catalogue of Solutions for COVID-19

Catalan Economy

27 May 2020

Catalonia Trade & Investment has drawn up a Catalogue of Solutions for COVID-19, a selection of companies and proposals within Catalonia that have developed solutions to deal with the health crisis and that all have export capacity.

Catalonia has always been a predominantly industrial region. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, many companies have adapted their operations in order to offer solutions to mitigate the effects of the disease. Furthermore, many of them have done so in sectors that are very different from their habitual production area and are thus transforming their daily activity.

What’s more, Catalonia is a leading innovation centre in Europe and a hub for international talent that makes it easy to find qualified scientists and engineers. Research and innovation are intrinsically connected to industry and to the identity of Catalan business culture. This has also been demonstrated in the way Catalan companies have contributed their knowhow and skills to help alleviate the current situation.

Given this situation, Catalonia Trade & Investment has drawn up the Catalogue of Solutions for COVID-19 with a selection of some fifty companies, technologies and initiatives being implemented in Catalonia and which provide specific solutions to meet the present health challenge. They all have export capacity and the necessary certifications to bring their products and services to new countries.

The companies in the catalogue are segmented into four areas of specialization depending on the solutions they offer:

- Medical equipment.

- Protective material.

- Disinfection systems.

- ICT solutions.

Download the catalogue in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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