Catalan technology exports hit their highest figure since 2008

Catalan Economy

12 Jun 2017

Catalan high technology products exports showed a 21% year on year growth rate in the first quarter, rising to a total of 1.873,2 million euros. This is the highest recorded figure since 2008, according to Idescat. This category includes pharmaceuticals, computers and electronic and optical components for aircraft and spacecraft. In terms of destination countries for these products, sales grew especially in the EU (28%), but also worldwide (14%). According to Idescat, this rising trend is due to the overall increase in sales seen by all product groups.

Just below this first category, we can find medium-high technological products. This classification includes products such as chemicals, electrical equipment, machinery and vehicles. Sales of industrial products with a medium-high level rose 9% in the first quarter, reaching a value of 8,241 million euros. This is due to an increase in sales of all product groups at this level: electrical equipment, machinery and vehicles rose by 10%, while sales of chemicals showed a 7% increase.

The highest growth was seen in medium-low level technology products: foreign sales rose 33% to 2,521 million euros – a variation not recorded since 2011. This category includes the sale of products such as rubber, non-metallic minerals, metallurgy parts, refined petroleum products, ships and boats, among others. Finally, exports of low-technological products (4,265 million euros) increased by 10% compared to the first quarter last year. This category includes textile, food, furniture and paper products.

Source: Diari Ara

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