Catalan government to integrate all technology centers under the Tecnio network

Catalan Economy

03 May 2009

The Catalan government is to integrate all its technology centers in Tecnio, a new network aiming to increase clout and reach in order to participate in international projects, Catalan Minister of Industry, Josep Huguet said. According to Mr. Huguet, the network will also improve the visibility of the centers among Catalan companies with technological needs.

The new network will bring together 100 technology centers, with over 5,000 experts and annual revenue of 120 million Euros. Tecnio should also enhance the centers' activity to reach 200 million Euros in sales over the next five years, Minister Huguet said. Tecnio will include five advanced centers (ASCAMM, LEITAT, CIM, and CIBM CETEMMSA), 15 technology centers and 80 innovation centers.

Source: La Vanguardia, 28/04/09

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