Catalan exports set a new record in july

Catalan Economy

22 Sep 2015

catalan exports grew by 7.4% last july and reached 6.086 million euros, the highest figure in a month throughout the time series. 

in the first seven months of this year, catalan exports have grown by 7.2%, reaching 37.986 million euros, this is 25.6% of total spanish exports. in all spain exports from january to july grew by 5.5%. the catalan exports growth has also been higher than the average for the european union (5.1%) and countries such as france (1.6%), germany (6.2%) and the uk (- 2.2%). 

during the first half of 2015 the trade deficit has been reduced thanks to a growth in exports (7.2% ) higher than that of imports (5.8%).

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