Barcelona to be home to the center for nuclear fusion research (b-fus)

Catalan Economy

01 Mar 2009

Barcelona will be home to the new center for energy and nuclear fusion research (b-fus), spain's leading research facility in this field. the spanish central government and catalan authorities will establish a consortium to manage the new center and plan to invest 208 million euros over the next fifteen years.

the b-fus facilities will carry out additional research with barcelona-based european fusion agency (efa), which is responsible for the construction of the thermonuclear reactor iter in cadarache, france. the b-fus is to set up its headquarters next to efa at the parc de l'energia, in the diagonal besòs campus.

catalan economy minister, antoni castells, also reiterated the regional government's goal to make catalunya "a research engine in spain." mr. castells also believes that barcelona is in a good position to become "spain's capital of energy research."

source: el punt 04/03/2009

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