Barcelona strengthens its status as an automotive hub with a new vehicle terminal at the Port of Barcelona

Automotive, Logistics & Smart Cities

27 Jun 2024

This new terminal aims to respond to the growing traffic of new vehicles in Barcelona, especially electric vehicles, strengthen the logistics chains that pass through this port, and reinforce its role as an international distribution hub for the automotive sector.

The Port of Barcelona has approved the construction of a third vehicle terminal to accommodate the growing vehicle traffic and solidify its position as an international hub for the automotive sector.

The new public vehicle terminal, located at the Príncep d'Espanya dock, has been granted a 27-year concession. This expansion aims to cater to the increasing flow of new vehicles in Barcelona, with a particular focus on electric vehicles. As outlined in the Port of Barcelona's IV Strategic Plan, the terminal will be critical in bolstering the port's logistics chains and reinforcing its standing as a key international distribution hub for the automotive industry.

Area to be occupied by the future Port of Barcelona's vehicle terminal.

Upon its completion in 2027, the terminal will occupy a significant surface area of 104,938 m2. It will be strategically situated adjacent to the public railway terminal in Section VI of the port, providing direct access and facilitating the development of logistics networks that serve the Spanish and European markets via maritime and rail modes.

In line with sustainability efforts, the future terminal will be mandated to utilize zero-emission vehicles, promote the use of electric or hydrogen-powered trucks, and implement environmentally friendly measures such as installing photovoltaic panels and other electricity generation infrastructure.

Additionally, they will be required to focus on reducing water and air conditioning consumption and sourcing green electricity.

The Port of Barcelona will prioritize the strategic and commercial proposal of the future terminal, with an emphasis on strengthening Barcelona's role in the European and Mediterranean port ecosystem, promoting rail intermodality, and developing logistics chains that minimize environmental impact.

Proposals regarding the construction of silos and the internal configuration of the terminal will also be evaluated to enhance storage capacity and optimize operational efficiency for shipowners and operators.

Source: Port of Barcelona

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