Acciona invests 36 million Euros at Barcelona Port

Catalan Economy

26 May 2009

Spanish conglomerate Acciona has invested 35.9 million Euros to expand and reorganize the activities of its shipping subsidiary Transmediterránea at Barcelona Port. The company has inaugurated a new 12.9-hectare terminal and a 1,260-meter mooring line. The terminal will also be open to other shipping operators such as Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi and ENTMV.

Transmediterránea has also created a new company, Terminal Ferry de Barcelona, to integrate all its Catalan activities, now concentrated on the Sant Beltrà wharf. Antonio Grávalos, Acciona Transmediterránea CEO, indicated that the company wishes to apply the Barcelona management model to its other port facilities in Las Palmas, Mallorca and Valencia.

Source: Expansión 26/05/09

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