85% of companies engaged in R+D+i activities receive tax breaks

Catalan Economy

28 Mar 2012

Research on R+D+i funding among those most innovative companies in Spain with sales topping €100 million has revealed that the vast majority are wholly in favour of tax breaks for those firms driving innovation. This is perhaps hardly surprising when we take into account that some 85% take advantage of such fiscal incentives. Moreover, nearly 60% of those consulted confirmed they received grants from central government, while a further 5% acknowledged they got funding from regional authorities.

Nevertheless, other instruments of funding, such as the patent box and social security credits for research staff have hardly been taken advantage of by these businesses, whereas International funding programs available, providing more important subsidies, prove to be difficult propositions when it comes to successfully attaining funds.

The research work was carried out by consultants LowendalMasaï, a firm specialises in optimising cost effective operating for businesses.

Source: Expansión, 23/3/2012

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