20 institutions from around the world support the barcelona key project

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04 Jul 2013

Barcelona key (knowledge economy yard) project was born in october 2012 with the aim of fostering the arrival of international investment projects to reinforce the role of barcelona and catalonia as an economic and knowledge node. the core of the future knowledge economy yard, barcelona key -promoted by the government of catalonia, barcelona city council and sant adrià de besòs town council- comprises projects related to engineering, in the three areas on which the barcelona key centres: higher education, research and entrepreneurship. the biomedical sector, social innovation, design and business are also present. 

the profile of the proposals submitted to barcelona key is an institution or business with a high international level and knowledge element. they are thus companies of high added value and research and higher education institutions with the capacity to attract and retain talent. another feature of most of the proposals is the great potential for collaboration with the existing business and academic fabric. 

in the initial phase of the call for ideas, barcelona key received 53 ideas, of which 21 became formal draft proposals. finally, a total of 11 projects were assessed for entry in the call for projects. from now on, and during the period from august until february next year, these proposals will take part in the call for projects phase, which will specify the development of the activity, defining the space requirements, architectural and urban aspects, and the job creation capacities of the project.


the 11 proposals initially selected to take part in the call for projects for the future barcelona key are: european foundation for cluster excellence, rmit (royal melbourne institute of technology) european campus, technologies for innovation in products and services in engineering (tipsen) international school, genesys global enterprise network, barcelona international centre for minimally invasive therapies (bicmit), uci-engineering-europe (uciee) campus in barcelona, waverness: a space for neurosensory stimulation for both people with cognitive disorders and their caregivers, barcelona nanometrology centre (bcnanomet), european university in catalonia, new escp europe campus and digital learning for an urban campus.


source: generalitat de catalunya

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