Top International Logistics companies in Catalonia

From Southern Europe, Catalonia will connect your company to the world. Major players in logistics have set up operations centers in Catalonia to reach Europe, North Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

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Logistics a powerful industry driver in Catalonia.

The logistics industry plays a vital role in the economy of Catalonia, particularly in Barcelona. In 2019, this sector employed more than 128,000 people, contributing €31.37 billion and accounting for 14.6% of the region's total GVA. 

Thanks to its strategic location, Catalonia has efficient connections with Asia and America, making it easier for products to be distributed to southern Europe and northern Africa. The region also boasts two ports, an airport, a free-trade zone, and logistics areas with sufficient storage capacity, all within a 12 km radius

Catalonia's good connectivity to the rest of the world is facilitated by its concentration of industry and consumers, providing access to a large market. Moreover, the logistics network can reach up to 400 million consumers in less than 48 hours through air, train, shipping, or road transportation. 

This sector has also created many job opportunities, with 6 to 8 direct jobs for every 1,000 m2 of modern logistics warehouses. Catalonia is the leading region for exports in Spain, accounting for 24.4% of Spanish exports, and it has 17,469 regular exporting companies

Discover Catalonia's vibrant logistics ecosystem, where international companies with a global outlook thrive and enjoy easy access to a vast market.

“A-players attract A-players, and this is what is happening in Barcelona”

Albert Serrano, Managing Director Veepee Travel & Leisure

Top International Logistics Companies in Catalonia.

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