Top international headquarters in Catalonia

Competitive costs and an excellent communications network makes Barcelona-Catalonia ideal for locating headquarters for the European market. Below are some cases of top multinationals that base in Catalonia their operations for the continent and beyond.

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Catalonia, a prime location for businesses.

With a staggering number of 9,255 multinational companies operating in the region, Catalonia is a prime location for business. Barcelona, in particular, is a top choice for many companies due to its ability to attract international talent and a skilled workforce. In addition, the concentration of industry and consumers in Catalonia provides easy access to a large market and efficient connections to the rest of the world

Barcelona has also established itself as the second most popular startup hub in the European Union, second only to Berlin and ahead of cities such as Amsterdam or Stockholm.

Thanks to its strategic location, Catalonia is well connected to Asia and the Americas, making it an ideal location for product distribution to Southern Europe and North Africa. In addition, a significant 18.5% of the total number of companies headquartered in Spain are located in Catalonia

If you're interested in discovering the main players and their locations in different key sectors, take a look at the international companies based in Catalonia.


“Roche's commitment to Barcelona is due to its open and multicultural spirit, international talent, as well as for its growing innovation digital ecosystem”

Josep Maria Vallmajó, General Manager of Roche Diabetes Care Spain

Top International Headquarters in Catalonia.

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