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Catalonia's logistics industry was showcased at Guangzhou Baiyun Industry Summit in China

22 May 2023

The event attracted nearly 1,000 participants, including government agencies, well-known local and international companies, and business associations. 

On May 6th, Catalonia's logistics industry was presented at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Industry Summit in China. Over 1,000 people, including government agencies, local and international companies, and business associations, attended the summit in the Baiyun District, a well-known center for logistics in the Guangzhou metropolis in southern China.

The Guangzhou Baiyun District Logistics Chamber of Commerce and UnionThink Tank organized this year's event with the theme "Logistics New Silk Road, Industry Connecting the World." 

Paggy Zhang, Senior FDI Consultant of the Shanghai Catalonia Trade & Investment office, delivered a keynote presentation titled "Barcelona, Spain - The Logistics and Economic Center of Southern Europe." Paggy Zhang stated that "the logistics industry, especially modern logistics, plays a significant role as it connects consumers on one end and manufacturers on the other. Logistics is not just about transportation; it also includes warehousing, distribution, and information exchange". Therefore, she added, "enhancing regional economic development and corporate competitiveness is essential."

“Starting from the transportation mode, many practices of the Catalonia logistics cluster are worth learning”

Wang Yang, Co-founder of UnionThink Tank

In addition, Catalonia Trade and Investment's senior consultant discussed topics such as building logistics clusters and their importance, as well as the mutual influence between industrial and logistics sectors. In personal interviews, Paggy Zhang discussed the logistics industry's current status and development trends in China and Catalonia, aiming to establish connections and generate synergistic effects.

During the group interviews, she pointed out the similarities between the logistics industries of Barcelona and Guangzhou when engaging in online communication and meetings with local companies and industry experts.

Catalonia is Southern Europe's only highly concentrated logistics cluster that integrates ports, airports, warehouses, free trade zones, and railways as hubs. According to Catalonia Trade & Investment's report, the turnover of the logistics industry accounts for 14.4% of the region's GDP.

Wang Yang, Co-founder of UnionThink Tank, stated, "Starting from the transportation mode, many practices of the Catalonia logistics cluster are worth learning."

Catalonia's next plans aim to assist logistics companies in achieving digital transformation and enhancing their competitiveness through a series of measures and policies implemented by the government. Regarding logistics land, the government will consider logistics flexibility or diversified land use. Additionally, there will be an increase in infrastructure construction with the ultimate goal of ensuring the sustainable development of the logistics industry.

Catalonia Trade & Investment has three offices in China: Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, for Chinese companies interested in setting up a business in Barcelona-Catalonia.

You can read the original article in Chinese here.

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