Connecting to local partners

We connect international companies to key partners, both institutional and business service providers to help them set up, succeed and grow in Catalonia.

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Connecting lo local partners

Catalonia Trade & Investment’s Partners Network.

If you are an international company considering establishing or expanding your operations in Catalonia, we can help you connect to the local partners in Barcelona-Catalonia.

Our carefully selected and extensive network of institutional organizations and private companies will offer high-quality and trustworthy professional support to your project.

We offer the following services:

  • Identifying those key institutional partners and service providers, both local and foreign, in line with your project’s requirements, across a range of disciplines.
  • Introducing your project to your choice of partners.
  • Organizing meetings with potential partners in your fact-finding visits to provide a first overview and initial free-of-charge advice on the subjects of your choice (legal, tax, labor, human resources, engineering, permits, logistics, etc.).
  • Arranging introductory meetings to introduce the project and learn more about Catalonia’s specific business environment and the available partner services.
  • Providing ongoing support in your dealings with your partners of choice.

“We team up with foreign chambers of commerce, consulates and embassies, law and consultancy firms, business associations, and recruitment specialists, among others, to put all our expertise and know-how at your service.”

Explanatory note: In alphabetical order. Institutions from the top 20 investing countries and regions, according to the number of subsidiaries of each country established in Catalonia.

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If you are a service provider that comes into daily contact with international companies with potential investment projects in Barcelona-Catalonia, join the Catalonia Trade & Investment’s Partners Network.

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