Join the Partners Network

Are you a service provider? Join the Catalonia Trade & Investment’s Partners Network and we will connect you to potential investors to help them set up and grow in Catalonia.

I want to join the Partners Network

Why joining the Catalonia Trade & Investment’s Partners Network?

If you are a service provider that comes into daily contact with international companies with potential investment projects, joining the Catalonia Trade & Investment’s Partners Network allows you to:

  • Reach potential investors who need high-quality professional advice.
  • Complement the advice offered to your clients with our tailor-made, free-of-charge, one-stop-shop specialized services.
  • Enrich the cooperation between the Government and the private sector for the attraction and retention of high-quality foreign investment in Catalonia.

At the same time, members of the network will have the opportunity to be introduced to international companies, according to the investors’ requirements and fields of expertise.

Objectives of the Partners Network

  1. To offer the companies advised by Catalonia Trade & Investment competitive services and, as a result, increase Catalonia’s competitiveness when it comes to attracting potential investment projects.
  2. To improve the services that Partners provide to their foreign clients through the complementary services offered by Catalonia Trade & Investment.
  3. To establish collaborative approaches, aligned with the values of Catalonia Trade & Investment: confidentiality, customized value proposition, and client focus.
  4. To strengthen cooperation with our Partners (e.g.: joint value propositions).

What are the advantages of joining the Catalonia Trade & Investment Partners Network?

  • Contact with potential clients (foreign companies with investment projects).
  • Confidential, free, and tailor-made support from Catalonia Trade & Investment, providing advice for the partner’s clients.
  • Government support for new investment projects (e.g.: official openings, press releases).
  • Recognition as a strategic partner of the Government of Catalonia.
  • Increased visibility of the relationship with the Government of Catalonia.
  • Access to Catalonia Trade & Investment forums and meetings on attracting investment attraction.
  • Organization of joint events in Catalonia and abroad (through the Catalonia Trade & Investment Foreign Offices’ Network).

“We connect top-quality business service providers with potential investors to help foreign companies set up and grow in Catalonia.”

What are the requirements for the members?

  • Provide professional advice in different languages (English is essential).
  • Have international desks/experts by country.
  • Have a network of international offices or be part of an international network of firms.
  • Have at least 30% of international clients, including foreign companies and Catalan subsidiaries of international groups.
  • Have a high level of knowledge of the different regions in Catalonia, industries, and sectors.
  • Work under strict confidentiality.
  • Provide a detailed presentation of the partner’s services (English) including success stories of international clients (non-confidential).
  • Provide the member’s logo.

Registration as a member of the network has an initial duration of 4 years from the date of signature of the welcome letter delivered by Catalonia Trade & Investment unless there is a reason for revocation (see legal notes). The agreement may be renewed by the agreement of both parties.