Top International video game players in Catalonia

Catalonia is the driving force of the Spanish video game ecosystem and represents 50% of its turnover. The landing of major international studios in Barcelona made it the top European region for video game foreign investment.

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Barcelona-Catalonia, Europe's video gaming hotspot.

Barcelona-Catalonia is a thriving video game industry hub, attracting high levels of foreign investment

This dynamic sector is driving the digital economy and creating positive employment opportunities. The industry offers excellent business prospects, especially for young entrepreneurs with a global vision.

Major multinational companies have already invested in Catalonia. The region has the highest number of projects and investments received, making it an attractive place to grow. 

Barcelona is recognized as the best technology ecosystem in Southern Europe and is known for its growth potential. As a result, it is the most attractive metropolitan area for investment in Western Europe. Catalonia offers investment opportunities to establish R&D centers in game programming, HQ & sales offices, and growth trends in porting and gamification activities

Catalonia's vibrant video games sector, which has attracted numerous international companies, is the most significant video games hub in Spain and one of the largest in Europe.

“Barcelona has a rich conglomerate of multinationals, big corporations, together with small, local companies that make it a rich ecosystem”

Oriol Canudas, General Manager and New Games at King

Top International Video Game Players In Catalonia.

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