Compare Catalonia to the Netherlands

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The Netherlands and Catalonia are attractive European investment destinations with distinct economic and political structures.

Prospective investors are advised to examine critical economic indicators such as GDP, labor costs, tax incentives, and cost of living to gain valuable insights into these thriving regions. Through comprehensive analysis, one can take advantage of the unique opportunities to thrive in these locations and make smart, well-informed investment decisions.

Analyze similarities and differences comparing the economies of Catalonia and the Netherlands.

Catalonia vs The Netherlands.

  • More favorable tax environment.

    • Total revenue from taxes (% of GDP)

      Catalonia 36.2 | The Netherlands: 39.68

    • Total revenue from Social contributions (% of GDP)

      Catalonia 11.4 | The Netherlands: 14.8

    • R&D tax credit on certain expenses

      Catalonia: up to 59% | The Netherlands: 30% start-ups

      The Netherlands: effectively up to 24%.

  • More cost efficient Labor Market.

    • Estimated hourly labor costs

      Catalonia Eur. 21.17 | The Netherlands: Eur. 34.77


    • Workforce skills (low-wage earners)

      Catalonia 14.59% | The Netherlands: 18.52% 

  • Lower cost of living.

    • Price level index (EU-28=100)

      Catalonia  92.1 | The Netherlands: 112.3